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Seminar. Tours University.

Olivier Brodier, Samuel Leman et Xavier Bolot have given the seminar "To see, a link between outside and inside" the 1rst and 2nd of june 2015.
Olivier Brodier is a resach professeur at Tours University, laboratory of theorical mathematics and physics.
Samuel Leman is a resach professeur at Tours University, at INSERM U930 Imaging and Brain.
Xavier Bolot is an ingeneer of the Polytechnical Institute od Grenoble. He develops neurosciences as social behaviour  and art implementations. He is a member of CEAQ Paris V Descartes Sorbonne.

L'Harmattan, Comment représenter l'action, fév 2013, vient de paraitre.pdf

City exploration

Emmetrop is a contemporary art center born thirty years ago
in Bourges. Goals are :
contemporary art promotion in an opened, unpartitioned, uncalibrated action and new relations between arts and populations.
Fron february the 18th during one month an exhibition will occur at the the Chancellerie Urban Exploration Agency on the thema Hip Hop on live.
Xavier Bolot will show his new technics of representation of action.
On Tuesday 17th a performance will occur in the evening at

Les Trois Réalités .doc

Le vivant.doc

Le Trait Virtuel .doc

Comment nous voyons .doc

Illusions in the cathedral of Bourges

The Patrimoine Office of Bourges, town of art and history, will give a conference on the spot about several phenomenon everyone can observe every day in the cathedral. Those phnomenons were revealed by the researches of Xavier Bolot and written down intwo of hs books Drawing in Real Perspective and The Three Realities.
We meet at the south doordecember 2nd 12:30.

L'Harmattan, Dessiner en Perspective Réelle, nov 2003, vient de paraître.pdf

L'Harmattan, Les Trois Réalités, mars 2014, vient de paraître .pdf

International colloque CEAQ-GREAS Madrid, Paris, Sao Paulo

aInternational congress of Madrid, Paris and Sao Paulo
Patrimony ad imaginary worlds exchanges 
organised by Roberto Falcon and Apolline Torregrossa
from 28 to 31 octobre 2014 whith a video conference network.
Xavier Bolot was the chairman of the second workshop at 11:00 thursday the 30 th in Paris, Sorbonne, Lavoisier lecture-room, with speaks of
Lilian Amaral, Goias University, Brazil,
Cécile Dubois, Rennes University, France,
Zita Possamai, Rio Grande University, Brazil,
on the subject Bonds between people and patrimony.
The anlysis ande the synthesis of the debates allow to discern in the field of Patrimoy, as in others fields scientific or philosophical, the Three Realities physic, perceived and represented.

Le CeaQ vous invite au colloque Patrimoine et circulation d'imaginaires.doc

Héritage et patrimoine, présentation en 4000 signes, le 4.7.2014.doc



I presented at the library my last work The Three Realities.

The ternary approach of the three realities physical, perceived and represented, is a attempt to escape to our binary logic which leads our various scientific thoughts to contradictions, overrating logic and incompletnesses.

On the 2014.06.26, 12 rue Cujas, Amphitheatre Durkheim, Paris V Descartes Sorbonne.

Presentation at the Sorbonne of "The Three Realities"


On the 2014.02, at the Sorbonne, 12 rue Cujas, thesis room E637, galerie Claude Bernard galery, staircase P.
Xavier Bolot presents his last book "The Three Realités" now in the press by l'Harmattan.
Those three realities physical, perceived and represented are examined here, now and in their evolutions.
What occurs now in our posmodern society ?
Implementations to arts of living.

Que devient l'art ( Les Trois Réalités, épilogue).doc

Congrès du CEAQ Paris V Descartes Sorbonne


I brought a contribution entitleld « A postmodern approach of emotion and imagination. Implementation to collective arts of the living.
This work explores a bond between neurosciences and individual or collective behaviour as those of trance or effervescence.
On the 2013.06.2, 12 rue de Ecole de Medecine, 75005 Paris,Salle du Conseil, Paris V Descartes Sorbonne.

Une approche postmoderne de l'émotion et de l'imagination.doc

Lecture " The Three Realities, physical, perceived, represented"

On the 2013.06.04 Xavier Bolot has given a lecture at the Chamber of Craft union of Bourges.
The subject was the three realities physical, perceived and represented as practical obviousness in our today world.
A lot of concrete examples were given in fields as various as architecture, economy, philosophy, physics, psychology, individual or collective behaviours, biology, arts of the living.
We live in the heart of this trilogy. Taking it in account allows us to precise our thoughts and to avoid misunderstanding.
Then we enter in the postmodernity.

Lecture at the Council of Department of tha Cher amphitheatre


On the 2013.02.07 Xavier Bolot has presented his new book [i]How to Represent Action[/i] edited by L'Harmattan, Paris.
By the way the author presented also two videos of his production
[i] Tango and painting performance[/i] in which you can see the artist daw and paint dancers while dancing.
Danse et Lumière, ( Dance and Light),producer Xavier Bolot,show the director Hernan Zambrano dancing salsa with Laura Moulinoux in the dark with, following an idea o f Xavier Bolot, little lights fixed on each main joint : elbows, knees, hips, etc.
It is an example of an application of the neuroscientific works of François Michel (1970) and Johansson (1972). The joints allow to zone MT of the brain from the dorsal road of the vision to identify the movement. Have a look to the chapter Videos of this website.

Affiche Découvrir les arts du vivant le 16.01.2013.doc

CEAQ Center of researches on the current and everyday life Paris V Descartes Sorbonne

CEAQ Centre d' Etudes sur l'Actuel et le Quotidien ( Center of researches on the current and everyday life).
This center was founded by Michel Meffesoli.
This center of researches has been founded by Michel Maffessoli, professor at the Sorbonne and Georges Balandier Director of Studies at the lÉcole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (School of High Studies in Social Sciences).
Following an exchange of our books the Professeur Maffesoli, on the 2013.02.04, received me in his center of researches.
My goal is to explore the possible extensions of my researches on collectives arts of living taking in account the works of the CEAQ about the postmodern man.

Lyric performance and neutal light paintings exhibited in galery Pictura Bourges

On the 2013.01.18 we assist to the lyric evocation of a while of happiness at the ridge of an imminent rupture, interpreted by Marie Bernard, (soprano, Aline Quentin, mezzo soprano, Sandrine Lusignant, harp. A soldier appeared, they understand that they will be separated.
The simple apparition of an object, and a fortiori of a loved person, changes my chemical equilibrium, the perturbed is changed in an new equilibrium, within a dynamic exchange between to human being.
But the time of this dynamic equilibrium is nevertheless limited.
A rupture appears as a fatality.
The emotion is in this transitory biologic state born from the rupture of my internal equilibrium.
In this trance the object changes me chemically, so I see the object in another way, so that the object becomes a new object, this one going once more to change me, and so on in a permanent exchange of information.

The painter catches a significant, and changing of state, may catch another one anr occurs nox the need to continue an multi sensorial exploration of the object.
This exchange of information is intensive between the object and my body.
The information is not the energy but goes always with the energy.
An intensive exchange of energy operates between the models and the painter.
This exchange of energy was triggered by Marie Bernard, soprano, Aline Quentin, mezzo soprano, Sandrine Lusignant, harp, triggering the modification of the environment by the only presence of the object, my living body being permanently in exchange with the environment.

Un moment de bonheur expression picturale.doc

Un moment de bonheur expression musicale.doc

Biographie des quatre artistes.doc

TV and radios

TV and Radios

Bip TV devoted on the 2013.23.01 during the daily news on page to the book [i]How to represent Action.[/i]
Radiorésonance devoted a one hour talk about Vision in Action about the performance Tango an Drawing excuted during the Biennale of Contemporary Arts of Bourges.
Radiorésonance devoted also in december 2012 a one hour emission on the lyric show performed at the galerie Pictura of Bourges devoted to A While of Happiness with 12 paintings of couple of women titled Turtles-dove.
France Info Sciences, of Radio France, directed by Marie Odile Monchicourt devoted in 2006 an emission to the book Drawing in Real Perspective.
France Bleu broadcasted several times in 2009 an 2010 emissions on The Neutral Light.

Argentine tango performance, biennale of contemporary arts of Bourges

On the 2012.11.14, at 18h15 a performance of drawing and dancing was given at Café In, place Gordaine, Bourges.
The performance of dancers of argentine tango consists of improvising on the music.
The performance of the sketcher consists of catching their action on life.
The action is not the movement only.
The question is to catch the living out equilibrium, in a transforming process, with his intention of action.
The painter grasp as they come, with the chance, gestures in successive whiles which unroll the present.
That arrives naturally when the brains of the dancers, draughtsman and the music are synchronous and the draughtsman is dancing with the dancers.
The spectator's brain looking at the drawing remakes the movement of the scene and the presence of living.
This technique is presented in the book [i]How to Represent Action.[i/]
Edited by L’Harmattan, 7 rue de l’Ecole Polytechnique 75005 Paris
Available by phone 01 40 46 79 20 by L’Harmattan or Amazon or booksellers.

Performance de dessin et danse à Bourges.doc

Salsa and drawing performance at the castle of Villemenard

On the 2012.09.09 the performance occurred in the great chamber of the castle of Villemenard.
What is then so innovative in this performance executed by a draught man and two dancers?
Precisely the fact to draw in the present dancers dancing.
The present is not the while grasp into an attitude, with a photo camera, within a form diluted by the movement, losing the materialization of the image.
The present flows with the time with all emotions multi sensorial that dwell it, in an exchange of energy with the living out of equilibrium, perceived and represented.
Degas has draught dancers, but giving only statics attitudes, at a classic period when choreography represented a succession of canvasses.
Delacroix has sketched, remembering it, horses in full run with opened and multiple lines.
Rembrandt (drawing of the Capricious Child) and Wouters (bronze titled Domestic Worry) have represented body out of equilibrium.
Xavier Bolot, sketcher and painter, has systematically, working on the theme [i]Vision in Action,[/i] drawn and painted dancers dancing or acrobats in action in life in public.

Comment représenter le vivant Villemenard.doc

Villemenard Performance de dessin et danse .doc

L'harmattan publishes "How to represent action"

This work published in July 2012 is the third of a trilogy about the arts of living after
Drawing in Real Perspective and The Neutral Light.

How to Represent Action approaches the living with three iconoclast steps : the hazard is our wealth, the emotion and the knowledge, the levels of consciousness of the artist.
This approach reset our traditional conception of the human being and allows us, as an example, to use our faculties to draw dancers dancing or acrobats in action.

Performance "Dialogues of bodies and drawind" in Sancerre, Martine Charpin gallery

On the 2012.06.09 at 19h, Martine Charpin Galery, place du Connétable, Sancerre.
The work undertaken here by Xavier Bolot, Camille and Georges invite you to discover the life of a workshop in the intimacy of his research.
Under a choreographic aspect, movements, spontaneity of the gesture and fascination of the living will be convoked.
This performance points out the complexity to grasp the reality, the right gesture, and the corporal language.
The ritual of the creation is the represented, visceral and spiritual.
The counterpoint between bodies draught and active bodies try to reveal this inexhaustible question : what is to perceive the other ?

Affiche Dialogues des corps.doc

Artligre Gallery, 8 rue de Prague 75012 Paris, exhibition


On November 2004 this exhibition had as thema [i]The Man.[/i]

On this rough painting we can see two lumbermen, the eldest teaching to the young apprentice how to measure the high of a tree just looking at it.

Communication on Neutral Light at the IREM congress of Tours, University Rabelais, 2010 may 19

L’IREM, Research Institute on Mathematics Education, l'Enseignement des Mathématiques, held his congress at the University Rabelais of Tours, France.

The communication was « How do we built a sable visual world in a stochastic environment ? »

Working shop at Maison de l’Isère, Place du Palais Royal, Paris 75001.

L’Harmattan having edited in septembre 2007 Drawin in Real Perspective and in february 2009 The Neutral Light, I have presented to my colleagues of the INPG Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, in mai 2009 the equations of the Real perspective, experiment on Kanizsa triangle and electronic ways of our vision in our vision in our brain.

American Art Galleries - Carmel, California

Carmel is a charming village of the west coast of California, made of galleries only, one hour away at the south of San Francisco by the road N 1.

American Art Gallery showed in particular paintings of Andrew Jackson, Sana Wilson, Hallan Hirch and drawing made by Picasso. Xavier Bolot was presented in 2003 for his paintings in [i]Neutral Light.[/i]

Actualités de Xavier Bolot