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What is the, Free Workshop ?

The Free Workshop is a space of research multilocalised and mulitidisciplinary about fundamentals of communication and their applications to drawing and painting.

The worshop is multidisciplinary with his contacts between artists, architects, neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrist, chemist, mathematician, astrophisicists, philosophers, professionnals caring to be conscious of the deep evolution of our idea of man in his world.
The Free Workshop is thus a virtual workshop, an exchange ideas network aiming to answer the following questions.

How use the three world which are the phisical world, the perceived world and the world of représentation ?
How to use in arts ours cultures enriched since one century with remarkable contributions from various scientific fields.

Xavier Bolot reach those questions with several concepts developped in devoted books :
Drawing in Real Perspective, The Neutral Light, Vision in Action, The Three Realities.

Each concept aim at driving us towards new approach of fundamental problems and new experimental techniques.
Examples of drawing and pa intings appear in this website.
Others plastic figures resulting from those researches will be expressed by others artists.

Works published are dedicated to artists, however their level, beginners or professionals, studients or professors.

Those works will also appreciated by professionals from various fields, in particular
philosophers of the phenomenology and perception as we do not believe what we see, as a straight line in space is perceived as a curve which must be it self transformed when it is transferred on a sheet of paper,
architects as one of them has built the column Trajan in Roma using the Real Perspective,
the mathematicians as Whilhem Schickard or more recently Bruno Ernst who emitted the idea of a cylindrical visual space,
the publicists and the three dimensions program writers,
but also physiologists, computer engineers, psychologists, neurobiologists, psychiatrists, anthropologists who will see new applications of knowledges that they could accumulate and transmit for a better understanding of the living.
Those works could'nt have been conducted without the lightings of all those professionals.
Free workshop of Xavier Bolot