Xavier Bolot    
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Drawings of living people

No doubt that exist others communications means that those opticals. Beyond the form a vector comes from the model towards the artist and inversement.
Which is the kind of energy able of such a power ?
We reinvent in fact permanently our reality.

Neuropsychology tells us that perceive means yet built a representation and give it, dispite us, significations, interpretations and believes.
Drawings of Xavier Bolot
Women on white paper
The string instrument maker
Argentine Tango
Portraits on kraft 50x60
Portraits on kraft 120x140
Drawing whith a bamboo
Oil sticks 160 x 275 cm
Turtle-doves on kraft
Turtle-doves on white paper
Magali and double-bass
Magali dancing Menassol
Tango Jean Luc Angelina
Lola and Deborah
Lola and Charlotte
Adrian and Charlotte