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CEAQ Sorbonne 21 juin 2013

Contrubution intitulée"Une approche postmoderne de l'émotion et de l'imagination"

Radio Résonance 17 janvier 2013

Radio Résonance 22 novembre 2012

Radio Résonance 23 avril 2009

Hip Hop life !

To draw dancers dancing Hip Hop.
Xavier Bolt draws theme and Einbin Choï hold the camera.
It is an implementation of neurosciences.
Read " How to Represent Action" to be transated.

Live Hip Hop

How to draw dancers dancing in a permanent Improvisation ?
Xavier Bolot catches and memorise various times of the present unrolling to let the lecturer's brain the possibility to imagine a scenario.

Lyric performance

On february 2012 this performnce was given to the gallery Pictura. Xavier Bolot unveiled paintings titled Turtles-dove while three musiciansinterpreted the final duo of the opera Jules Cesar of Haendel : Marine Bernard, soprano, Aline Quentin, mezzo soprane, Sandrine Luzignant, harp.

This performance occurred as an effort to contribute to the defence of the rights of the women through a plastic research in a religious mood.
The women' freedom is a fundamental principle which support our democracies.
We have also a daily fight, against religious or not fanaticisms, exclusions and finaly slavery.
If we let the women' liberties retreat, we will find back Middle Age situations.
Nothing can stop the attraction for the power inducing its attemps to reduce the humanity of every one to a docile standard.
When we don’t know to dwell in our body, when we don’t respect men and women, we give lecture of platonic ideas, romantic idealism or fantastic concepts.
Believes, naturally without foundations, try to force back the knowledge which brings the risk to reset them.
In our country, in France, women didn’t have liberty to dispose of her body, nor the choice of her husband in a society of patrimonial rights and religions of the Book, nor the right to abort from a man she does not love.
To day women have to defend themselves in Court to leave a ruffian who beats her (200.000 women every year) some times till death (166 women in 2007), to testify of a rape (130.000 each year), to keep her children, to live with another man or another women.
The bourgeoisie conservative, hypocritical, and moralizing, which do not hesitate to abandon his children of love, which keeps under silence the crimes of his pedophile priests, will not let, till his last breath, women live following their choices.
Freedom, starting with women freedom, has been ever in danger, laid open to stupidity.
We have to keep watchful and active to protect her.

New glance at sciences of life and arts of living

Three complementary works allows us to access to a new perception of the world : Drawing in Real Perspective, The Neutral Light, How to Represent Action. The contributions of sciences of life allows us to have access to new techniques and new performances of representation.

But you need to open the doors of curiosity and will to go further.

The Three Realities following the author

The editor L'Harmattan as opened on You Tube videos entitled [i]Authors' Words.{/i]

Xavier Bolot give two keys to approach the postmodern world :

first that of the three realities, physical, perceived and represented,

second that of two converging points in the today progresses in the various fields of knowledge that is to say the omnipresence of the hazard and the symbiotic exchange of the living with is environment.

Numerous examples of the today life, simple and concrete illustrate this book, inviting the reader to implicate himself in a permanent research instead waiting in a passive way explanations which rub all the folds of living.

This book has been written for those who love life in all his exuberances.

Performance of drawing and dance

The performance consisted to draw dancers dancing, improvising over salsa music.

Hernan Zambrano and Laura Moulinoux were dancing while Xavier Bolot applied the techniques described in his books The Neural Light and Ho to Represent Action.
The rough painting executed il live and in public are not comparable to a photography nor to a succession of attitudes.
Each rough painting is executed in a few minutes and assemble elements grasp by chance.
The anticipating brain of the reader rebuilt the episode of life.

Dance and Lights

translation in progress

TANGO - Vision in action 1/4

TANGO - Vision in action 2/4

TANGO - Vision in action 3/4

TANGO - Vision in action 4/4

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