The world of the representation.

We can yet remarkthat thanks to contribution of P Real Perspective, sketches but also drawings may be executed with a total security in record times, what it is not surprising as soon as the sketcher has understoud his natural physiological process of working to interpretate the perceived world.

The kind ot the opened and multiple line is strongly influence by though on Neutral Lightwhich brings his share of indications about freedom of colrs use in the world of representation.

Vision in Action, concerns hazard, emotion source of the knowlegge, multiple and simultaneous levels of consciousness of the artist, semms today a field of evoluting and promising reflections in the very coming years.

Evolutions are to be foreseen, scketches displayed being only the reflections of the to day state of the researches.

Most part of sketches are executed on white paper La plupart des croquis format 21 x 29,7 cm. Some of them are on format 50 x 65 cm, look at galery « The spirit of the Form » .

Circus acrobats are executed on kraft paper, as Toulouse Latrec did, format 50x 60 cm wshithin a few seconds during my research on « Vision in Action ».

Any ressemblance with anybody you could know is accidental.

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