Rough Paintings

Rough Paintings

Rough paintings on living.

NB All rough painting can be presented oil painted on request.

Beyond the various schools, a serious evolution of the mentalities is occurs because of the pressure of the developpement of technics in any field.
We are living a new Renaissance of our vision of the human being.

How toi represent the living, that is to say the movement and the exchange ?
The Raught Painting seems to me the most able technic to express the living acting here and now.
It does not rub the contributions ofdrawing under levels of heavy impasto saturating the canvas.

All raught paintings are excuted on life within one or several minutes, the time to unroll
the inspiration of the dancers in the while.

The painting is built whith the time, we dont represent an attitude, that is to say that which could be the result of a photo.

We are permanently out of equilibrium, the sketche or the raught painting unrolled in the time, the differents parts of the body corresponding to differents moments.
The brain will reconstitute at that time his own perceived and imaginary reality of action from the scene painted represented.
In the workshop, dancers, musicians and painters are in permanent movement in the same flow of energy.

The simple understanding of the real Perspective and of the Neutral Light brings the audacity and swiftness which allow to catch moments that are appearing in a hazardous way.

Dancers galeries (as well as the circus galeries sketches) concern researches aboutVision in action.
The goal of this research is a better understanding of the processe of our perception in action, model's action and painter's action.
We meet situations of well knowed environnements or on the contrary hazardous.
Painter's reactions in his incouncious work of representation are then very different.

Hazardous world of perception tranports us to an indefinit moment, an imprecise form diluted with the movement but rebuilt by our unconscious mental activity which works day and night to reorganise our impressions.

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