Xavier Bolot draws live dancers dancing or circus acrobats executing performances.
Xavier Bolot draws and paints to complete arts of representation with our scientific acquisitions in neurosciences, physics, astronomy, paleontology, psychology and biology which brought us a new conception of human beeing and a better knowledge of is working.
He reconsiders in our postmodern world his relations to nature and society.
Xaxier Bolot make us understand that our brain rebuilts ever for his survival our worlds of perception and representation.
His researches in Italy and Grece allowed him a rediscover into the treatment of space made by the ancient Greeks. The technics of drawing he propounds allow a easy and a disconcerting speed of excution.

He publishes Drawing in Real Perspective,The Neutral Light,Vision and Action, How to Represent Action, The Three Realities, at L'Harmattan, 7 rue de l'Ecole Polytechnique, Paris,75005.
He works successively with American Art Galleries, Carmel, California ; Artligre,Paris, France ; Pictura, Bourges, France.
He receives the logistic support of the National Fine School of Art of Bourges, France where he teaches in 2011 application of neurosciences to drawing and perspective.
When he publishes his third book How to Represent Action he his welcomed by the Professor Michel Maffesoli as a member of the CEAQ (Center of Studies on the Present and Everyday life) Paris V Descartes Sorbonne.

Xavier Bolot was educated in Casablanca, Morocco, by Kirk Lucien Coste who made Casablanca main buildings stainglasses and ceramics He draws and play cello, he is attracted by physics esthetic considering that scientist and artist are the both poets.
Ingeneer of the National Polytechnique Institut of Grenoble in 1965, Professor of Electronics at the University of Montreal, he reads again philosophers of phenomenology. He comes back to Fontenay-aux Roses as member of the team which develops the first minicomputer in Europe. The working group efficiency leads his interest on communication problems. He becomes in 1975 President of the French Industrial Advertising Association, and then Consultant in human relations and dynamic of groups, manager for great industrial and commercial groups.
He is an autor, sketcher, painter and searcher in the field of siences of life application in sociology and art. He never stopped drawing and painting what he sees in life emerging here and now : exchanges, situzations, movement, tano dansor on life, salad, hip hop, capoeira, circus acrobats, ice skaters.